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Price Matching and Good Coupons means GOOD SAVINGS

Price Matching and Good Coupons means GOOD SAVINGS

Monday, July 18, 2011

PriceCutter or Rameys gives free pasta then brings 20 coupon limit (Lesson 1)

Free Pasta brings 20 coupon limit now at Rameys

Last week, PriceCutters, Rameys for us in our town, ran a special on "ronzoni pasta." On sale for .99 cents a box of angel hair or spaghetti, I took my .50 off coupons that said "do not double" and got my pasta and checked out. My coupons automatically doubled from .50 to .99 off (cashiers hand put it in) even though it says not to double right on the coupon. I made another trip and the coupons doubled again. On my third trip, I put all of my ronzoni pasta on the counter and politely asked the cashier that I normall don't use if the coupons would double. That cashier said she couldn't  wouldn't double. I brought both of my receipts to show that both other cashiers do double them. 

A friend even made the comment that the doubled her same coupons I shared with her, as well.
Even other products in the store that state "do not double" double automatically when checking out on their own. Example Kraft barbecue sauce has a .25 coupon next to the product but states on the top of the coupon "do not double." But it has been doubling anyway with no one saying a word? I actually wonder to myself, who is training these people. Your deal depends on the cashier that is checking out, were not training them or controlling the cash register when they are doubling the coupons on their own? They are.

The cashier threw a "HUGE" fit. She told every cashier (while I and customers were standing there) not to double the ronzoni coupons, since it states right on the coupon "do not double." So, I told her I didn't want them then, all 47 boxes. She just stood there and looked at me like I had the nerve to not want to spend the other 23.03 after she put the time in to ringing them up and bagging them. Well, when I handed her the coupons, I asked her if they would double and she said no. It wasn't my fault she had bagged them already. In my mind, .49 cents a box at a .99 sale is still good condsidering they are originally 1.95 a box. So, I made the decision to go ahead and purcahse the pasta.

But, it just makes me wonder what is going through their heads when were trying to save money that people have extra money laying around for that much pasta? They just assume we are going to take it no matter what the cost is.

Trip two after free pasta and now the consequences of that deal

So the next day after the "pasta incident" I went in and shopped like any other day. I put my items in the cart that I wanted to buy, I usually only shop there for items I have coupons for since they double up to .50 coupons. So I put all my items on the counter and the cashier is acting quite strange. Im thinking to myself, what is going on. No smile like usual, no joking around. This girl commented that she like licorice and I had purchased 5 packs the day a few days ago and I picked out a pack and gave it to her. I was just adding it to my stock pile for extra snacks. I really don't eat it to much. Just getting a great deal with a great coupon save, that I thought I would do. So, she said she would take it home and share it with her daughter.

She was smiling and I was happy I could make her day. This day was like no other, she was rude, not talking to much. Shes adding my items up and counting my coupons really proud. 1, 2, 3 and on until she gets to coupon 20 and starts trying to get them all nice and neat. Tapping them on the counter, she looks up at me and says, "Were only allowed to ring up a total of 20 coupons." I am standing there looking at her thinking, this is a new suprise. She starts pointing to the printed coupon policy telling me that she is sticking to the policy now. So, she says, "I can only double 20 of your coupons!" So, I look at her because all 45 items have been rang up and she waits until she gets to item 20 then assumes that I am going to just take face value on the rest of the .50 coupons.

Im looking at her like, are you crazy? I don't think so? That would be a difference of 12.50 in coupons (they are trying to get from me). I only planned on the 12.50 not 25.00. Some of us have a budget you know.
So, I tell her that I would like to "do a second transaction then." (Yes, Im sorry that you look like I just slambed you in the face with my hand but I wasn't born yesterday, I thought to myself.) Not knowing how to do a second transaction, the cashier calls the assistant manager over and tells him that I have just purchased with my first 20 tickets and that I want to do a second transaction. I can tell she has no idea how to fix the problem she created by ringing up all my grocerys and then telling me about the new "20 grocery limit" but that is her problem. So, the assistant manager grabs 1 item, takes 13 of them off and grabs another item and takes 12 of them off and puts it in a second transaction (since the cashier doesn't know how to.) and then he goes on with his job obligations in the store.

So, I am paying for my second transaction. She leans over to me and tells me "I ALMOST LOST MY JOB BY DOUBLING THE RONZONI PASTA COUPON FROM .50 TO .99. I asked her, "What do you want me to do say I'm sorry?" So, I get all my receipt in my wallet and turn around to the girls behind me and comment, "by the way, there is a 20 coupon limit now." And I left the store.


Trip three after free pasta and now the consequences of that deal

I'm going through the store, counting my coupon limit of 20 so I purchase 10 bags of brach's @ 1.99 a bag and using one .50 coupon which doubles to 1.00 off of each bag of brach's and I grab 3 Lipton Teas which are 1.29 and I am also using .50 coupons that double to 1.00 off. The tea was 1.19 but 2 weeks ago they raised the prices as they did on their nestle candy bars when that coupon came out as well.

So, I get to the front and get a new boy cashier. I put my items on the counter and expect to be checked out and able to leave without any trouble. The boys says to me "Is this going to be an everyday thing with coupons, where do you get all your coupons from,  you were just here yesterday?" I answered, "Why yes it is" and I went to my car and went home. I chose not to go on Sunday but I am planning another trip for today, Monday and I will see how it goes. I can't help but feel like now, I am herassed for couponing.

My conclusion is.........I will save my 20 coupon slots for all my "close to free stock pile items," not buying any grocerys that they can really make a profit on me from, as I
shopped before. That is my right to do.

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  1. R u in Cassville? I have same problem..was single mother, 3-4 jobs ...teens & boys at, big got to where I would just do my grocery shopping in Oklahoma or Arkansas as I was at Baseball games, or on way home from work or seeing my family! Where I could get double to true coupons...and not harrased...heck they were keeping my coupons and not giving them back!Mostly a hateful bimbo named ..H...better not tell her name..and the man mgr ages with a lot...rude too or hitting on single women. its been years now since I've even gotten a coupon in the mail. cj