Lisa learns step by step how to use coupons

Follow me while I share each step I am learning to use coupons and ad matching.

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Price Matching and Good Coupons means GOOD SAVINGS

Price Matching and Good Coupons means GOOD SAVINGS

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finding Coupons from Companies through emails

There is a good blog that sends us posts to our email once your join with your email and you can get companies, I believe 10 a week more or less and she does it all for us but shares. Its a good blog called Amys Blessings in Couponing Blog. Amy was on Extreme Couponing and you can write and request coupons from specific companies each week. She sends the direct link and you just fill in your information and wait for you coupons or samples to arrive. Often free samples have coupons with them, at least mine have.

Finding Coupons "Liking Facebook Pages"

You can get good coupons by liking Facebook pages. You get them from the blogs that send you the prompt to go and like them, print, file and use.  You can make your own coupon facebook to keep your "coupon" life contained. I did, and everyone that joins my "Learning Coupons" page has coupons in common with me. That way people that are not intersted in coupons aren't having to sift through unwanted posts.

Finding Coupons maybe at LIBRARIES

I have heard from a friend that if I go to the library, that they cut coupons out and store them in a box at the library. You just have to call or drop by and go through them. They are all cut, waiting there to be discovered. So, this may be a good resource for some of us to check out on a non working day or Saturday.

Finding Coupons in Stores by Products

I have found that stores have really good coupons in the isles that I can pull off. I don't just get one either. I take a few, leaving some for others but Im adding to my coupon binder for other future transactions so I need a few. When I see them in the store, they could be gone tomorrow, so if I think I should get one today and come back tomorrow, that is not the case. They will probably be changed out. Sometimes I go to the store and don't see any. Just depends on "pure luck" when I make a trip. I find coupons at "PRICECUTTER OR RAMEYS" and "CASEYS" gas station. They change there coupons often too.

Sometimes the coupon says only redeem at Caseys so read it before you take several to make sure that your going to use it first because others probably will put them to good use, if were not wanting to pay for quick gas station prices for products.

Finding Coupons: Magazines

Magazines are a great way to find coupons. One in particular is my favorite, called "ALL YOU" magazine. It is loaded with coupons to make your purchase worth it. Coupons that are just waiting for us to discover, cut, file away and waiting to be used to help save us money in this hard economy.

There are TONS of magazines and several blogs will send out what magazines have what coupons inside of them. You can search in your google box to find out anything you want to know on coupons inside of certain magazines. Just be creative and search out the information. Sometimes, have coupons you can print to buy magazines cheaper each month. Don't forget to check that out if you want a certain magazine before you buy full price. You can also order magazines on line, as well, delivered to your mail box, every month.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Where I find my coupons to put in my binder..NEWSPAPERS

Sunday papers are a wonderful resource to find coupons. The cost varies for each copy but from reading blogs, they tell me that you want one paper each Sunday for each person in your house. So if you have 5 people in your home, you can buy 5. This is an advantage because you get random coupons and no extra cost in anyone searching them out for you, they are in your hand and you cut and file them in your binder.

If its a holiday, papers don't have coupons in them.

Where I find my coupons to put in my binder..BLOGS

Coupons are all around us. My first suggestion is to join blogs by email. Here is a list of ALL THE BLOGS I have joined. Put each blog address in your google search engine in the right hand corner of your computer screen. Let the blog or site load. Find where you can add your email and subscribe and add your email. You can get the daily hints, updates, coupons, free items, links, company links and anything you can imagine related to make your coupon journey successful shared for FREE by WONDERFUL Fellow Couponers that are successful at their COUPON JOURNEYS.

When you get each blog email, look through them, you will have to sift through each email from the blogs that you join because if you join a lot like I do, each blog might send you mail once a day, twice a day or 10 times a day. They are there to share with you, to help us be successful in our transactions with coupon use.

Click on a link to print a coupon that you will use, you can't print every coupon, only ones you want to add to your coupon binder. Ones you think you will use. The ink can get quite expensive so be frugal on your choices or print away for all you want, planning for those un planned clearance shelfs that will come up.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Learning to Extreme Coupon by Lisa

This will be my ONLINE JOURNAL into learning how to Extreme Coupon. I have been at it for 8 weeks now and building towards a "STOCK PILE." In the past few years, we have experienced the worse kinds of weather from EXTREME ICE STORMS, to an E-5 TORNADO that went through our area to SEVERE FLOODING. No one is safe from Mother Nature. This is my coupon JOURNEY.

My URGE to learn to coupon started 8 weeks ago when I started watching a new television show called "EXTREME COUPONING." I had attempted coupons in the past but never to the extremem that I want to now. On the show was a local woman named Amy and she lived not far from me. She was down to earth. She shared how to start couponing and I thought to myself "I can learn to do that." I felt such an urge to learn. Its interesting, couponing provides a challenge to myself, one that I enjoy so much. My biggest usage of coupons at one time was 65 coupons.

I remember my first time, 8 weeks ago, using coupons. I was all geared up, had my binder with me, filled with a start up of coupons and I was going to be the PERFECT LITTLE SHOPPER, THE PERFECT LITTLE SAVE AND I WAS THE PERFECT LITTLE SPENDER. (LOL) Just because a coupon is printed, you don't have to run out and use every coupon that has been created. There is NOT enough money in a family income to do that. In reality, at first I saved 25%. Then, I would build up to saving 30%. Now, I am upto 50 to 60 percent and very satisfied.

I even dream about what I will save tomorrow when I shop, how I can organize my coupons better, who will be on the show, what coupons will be out and it just goes on and on. How much you save is based on how much time you put into organizing your coupons and checking out your coupons to the prices at your local store when you wander and relax.

First you have to start COUPON COLLECTING................................