Lisa learns step by step how to use coupons

Follow me while I share each step I am learning to use coupons and ad matching.

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Price Matching and Good Coupons means GOOD SAVINGS

Price Matching and Good Coupons means GOOD SAVINGS

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I have learned from coupon shopping in 9 weeks by Lisa

What I have learned since couponing by Lisa
Dollar General: I can plan a trip with coupons to sale ads at DGS and if the
coupons don't scan, they take the coupons and stand there like I'm going to
pay full price for the items. Well I am not! Just lost time there.

When I find a good buy, use my coupons, repeat my find a few times, the
price usually goes up on that item within two weeks. I have seen this repeatidly
 in stores. Walmart doesn't like to let you use more than 4 coupons on an item
with a coupon that is close to free, free or an overage item even though their
policy states "no limit on coupon use per items." Procter and Gamble do limit 4
like items in one transaction now.

When a coupon states "do not double" generally it does double anyway. Kraft
barbecue does double .25 to .50 at PriceCutters or Rameys.Walmart accepts
Target coupons as long as it states "manufacturers coupon" on the coupon itself.
Walmart doesn't re-stock its shelves more than once or twice a week with the
freebie items.

If you find a hot coupon to a hot item, and it states on coupon "redeemable up
to 3.00," you only get the value of the price of the item. If you find a hot coupon
to a hot item and it states on coupon "3.00 off item" then if the item is less, you
get the overage. I would limit 4 of these like items unless you know your cashier.
I catch it from Walmart when I get a great deal!

When I find a hot deal, I go to the store a few times each week instead of
clearing the shelf. To maximize my savings, I get the ads for local stores
and stores from large on line store chains (from internet) and print the ads
and ad match what is the best deal for the coupons I have. Walmart
matches their prices. I never had trouble with ad matches at Walmart.
To maximize my savings, I also look for clearance items at the stores.
Walmarts is on the end isles in the health and beauty and I check them
out each time I go into Walmart. At Price Cutters, it is in the back of the
store at local store but watch for "EXPIRED food."

I am not happy when I get a good deal and the food is expired. I DO
RETURN it for my refund! I have delt with expired food from PriceCutters
or Rameys and Save a lot where food is expiring or expired. When I ad
match, I pull my coupons and place them in a clear photo liner page with
my LABELED RAMEYS PAGE. That way I am done, I only buy what
is on my list BUT there is "un-advertised specials" that I check out through
out the store when I run by. I also collect new coupons posted and recipe
cards. These change daily sometimes.

COUPONERS. I buy what is on sale! Whats hot for me on my coupons
and needs are not what others need. I always look for my needs. Prices
vary. If you have a BUY ONE GET ONE COUPON (BOGO coupon)
you can use another coupon for the other item. If you have a BUY ONE
GET ONE COUPON (BOGO coupon) you can count a double item
shrink wrapped as a second item, even if it is shrink wrapped on the
other item you wanted to purchase. You don't have to buy 4. If your store
has a sale 10 for 10.00, you are not obligated to buy all 10. You can buy
any number of items you want. If your store doubles coupons like mine
does up to .50 cents, that will be 1.00 off making some thins free. If
your store has crackers 1.00 each item purchase and your coupon is .50
and doubles, that is a free item for you.

Just because a blog says that we are going to get 3 inserts in a Sunday
paper, doesn't mean we will get them all where we live. I found this true
with procter and gamble inserts. The inserts that are in papers are
SmartSource (SS), the Redplum (RP) and Procter and Gamble, time
to time (P&G).

There are no inserts in holiday weekends so save away on those weekends.
You can preview coupons insert schedules on blogs or type the words in
your google box to find it. The best tip to saving money is getting your hands
of multiple copies of the coupon inserts that you find in the Sunday paper.
You want to do this as inexpensively as possible. I tried to order a sunday
paper to my residence and business but they told me that I was out of their

So, I think its better that I buy them from Walmart since I have the coupons
in hand after they have came off of the press. I have never bought a paper
from Walmart that didn't have the coupon inserts in them. I have purchased
papers from Caseys where the coupon inserts have been removed, I wasn't
happy either. When you buy your paper at the store, make sure that your
coupons on in the newspaper before you leave, its hard to prove after you
leave and what you get is what you bought.

A preview of the coupons that will be appearing in your coming paper can
be found on an Insert Coupons Forum that you can search in your google
box on your computer in the right hand corner. I move my soon to be
expiring coupons to the top of my baseball liners and move the new ones
to the bottom, thatway I used my other ones first. There are many ways to
organize your coupons, search for coupon organization in your google box.
What I have learned about printing coupons:
When you print coupons from blogs with links to give you a good savings,
open one window at a time. Mine closes each time I print a bricks coupon,
the internet explorer closes and restarts again. If you have more than one
window open, you have lost all you have been waiting for to print.
You can print coupons twice from each site unless they are limited.

What I have learned about organizing coupons:
There are many ways to organize coupons.
1.) Photo albums-where you can lay your coupons out straight, expiration
     date explosed.
2.) Envelopes-where you have certain products in its own envelope and
     you pull them to search.
3.) Accordian type file box-stored the same way as envelopes.
4.) File Box-stored the same way as envelopes.
5.) Hanging folders-where whole inserts are stored and cut as needed. Saved
     by insert date.
6.) Shoe Box-stored the same way as envelopes.
7.) Ziplock bag-pulled from like piles of same coupons as needed.
8.) Purse-randomly pulled to save a few bucks here and there.

One step further: You have your store ads in front of you, you have pulled
     your coupons to match what deals you
want to purchase. How do you store them until you get them to the store
and redeem.
a.)  Clear photo liner sorted to store, labeled with the stores name to keep
      until ready.
b.)  Paper clipped each like pile of coupons and placed in an evelope until
c.)  Plastic Baseball pages with coupons pulled and placed in each pocket
       nice and neat.
d.)  A small box to hold paper clipped coupons until ready to use.
What I have learned about stockpiling:
Once you have found a good deal with your coupons, you want to buy a
lot of it while you can get it cheap with your coupons and while its on sale
or clearance. A good stockpile should last at least until the next time it
comes up on sale, which could be a year from when you got it at a great
price. Now that you are purchasing items at a good price you want to pay,
 not paying the price that the store wants you to pay.........Free or almost
free is better than full price anyday. Once you get better at couponing you
will.If a store is out of a product that is on sale, ask for a rain check on that
item. You may have 2 weeks to get that item that is a special deal and you
might find better coupons to use with it to. To get more of an item, go on
the last day of the sale and get rain checks so you have that option to pur=
chase if you want when they are re-stocked. With rain checks in my stash,
I can find coupons for those items and I have time to do it to.

A simple shelf can add so much room when your starting your stockpile.
Simple shelving can offer you a simple to storing your great finds and needs.
Keep them sorted together so you can keep track of how many items
you have so you can easily look to replace and replensih the items when
used up. When shelves are filled, I use boxes sorted with like items and
bags that can group like items together, double bagged or even tripple
bagged of course.
Maximizing your savings:
One store may have to much of say rice in stock and put it on sale, un-
advertising it in the paper. Other stores will have the same items on
get in on any unplanned stockpile items. Look for IN STORE COUPONS,
they may be better than the coupons that you have in your binder right now.

Other ways to save are:
Peelies: these are the coupons that are stuck to the product. If you don't
need the product now, you might later.
Blinkies: those coupons in the SmartSource machines that may or may not
have the little blinking light.
Catalinas: these print from the machine next to the register, and are usually
red, green or blue. People frequently leave them in their shopping carts--
grab them!
Tearpads: usually these pads are on the shelf or display.
Try Me Free or Rebate forms: these are a great way to try a new product
and/or make money on a deal! Buy an item on sale, use the coupon, and
send away for the rebate!
Winetags: these are coupons that hang around the neck of wine bottles.
They can require a wine purchase or not, depending on the state.

Many of the store flyers will have coupons or they will print Catalina
coupons for an amount off your next order.  I BUY THE SMALLEST
PRODUCT WITH THE LARGEST COUPON, to maximize closest to
free as possible for myself. A LARGE product may be much less
expensive with coupons BUT THE SMALLEST SIZE COULD BE
FREE! Couponers quickly learn that SAMS and COSTCO or buying in
bulk doesn't maximize your savings, even with a coupon.

Watching the cashier and register:
I went to the store the other day and the cashier wasn't seperating my
coupons, two were stuck together and it was a 5.00 coupon and I quickly
pointed that out to her. She politely picked it apart and scanned it. That
would of been 5.00 our of my pocket I could of missed in savings for my-

Don't let the cashier pull the "one coupon per purchase" line on you! One
coupon per purchase does NOT mean one coupon per transaction. Each
item is considered a purchase-- many coupons actually say "one coupon
per item purchased, which is a much better way to phrase it. Item 1= this
is a purchase; Item 2= this is a purchase; Item 3= this is a purchase; etc...
Have them ring them up  in individual transactions if they don't get it. To
further drive your point home, you can show them a receipt that has total
items purchased= xx, followed by a transaction number.

A penny saved is a penny not give to the store. If you miss a sale dont
worry, the deals almost always come around again. Sometimes better next
time around. Some of my reference material came from wwwoHotcoupon- and my own learned experiences.
Store competition, some markets are more competitive when it comes to
grocery stores. If a store has to compete against 4 other major chains in
the area, their sales and promotions are going to be better than a town
where there are 1 or 2 stores. If there is little to no competition, there is
no need to attract customers with hot deals.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MY Coupon LABELS X 2

MY Coupon LABELS X 2:

I tried both kinds of labels and the second one, the one on the right is my favorite one to use!

Keeping a PRICE LIST from store receipts

Keeping a PRICE LIST from store receipts:

Since I already went in the store and made the purchase, I keep good purchases with a lot of savings in a list that includes product name, store and original price so I know that when I take a coupon, I know what my savings is worth and if it is worth the effort of searching it out, it is all done for me. And if it goes on sale and I have coupons as well, all the better.

Does a coupon mean a sale is coming?

Does a coupon mean a sale is coming?

If it is a new item, more than likely there will be some kind of sale soon. From watching the store ads, its so exciting to be able to match a coupon up to a store ad. Sometimes the sales are in store and un-advertised!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Two of the locals EXTREME COUPONERS from my area have made our local papers. I clipped the articles and add their articles as my "ADDED INSPIRATION." Amy is why I started couponing 8 weeks ago. She was so down to earth, I wanted to try and follow her footsteps and she is a real inspiration to me.

Purse Size Stock Pile Items (Storage for)

Purse Size Stock Pile Items (Storage for):

Purse sized items store really well for me in see through bins so I can easily find what I am looking for. Sometimes its a better deal to buy a bigger size of an item to get more ounces for your money but I like to purchase trial sized items. Coupons that don't specify to buy a certain size product can be used on these smaller purchases and most times you can get them for free or even an overage paid to you for buying the items. To keep the items from falling off the shelves and getting lost, these bins really help me with my stock pile storage which I keep on the top shelves, at eye level. Great for baskets at Christmas time! Just the right size to try a new product and just adorable as well.

FREE RECIPE CARDS for Christmas cards this winter

                                        FREE RECIPE CARDS for Christmas cards this winter:

When I went in to price some seasoning spices, check barbecue prices and buy one get one free ketchup, I noticed that there are free recipe cards placed by the seasonings in the grocery store isle at Rameys or Price Cutters. So, I grabbed a few of each to add to my Christmas Cards this winter. Then family and friends can add these to their spring recipe books and look forward to making these dishes for me when I come to visit them. LOL   What a great idea. HUH?


Walmart Check Out Isle for PURSE SIZE CLEARANCE ITEMS:

I snap pictures of what I find in the check out isles at Walmart, usually things that will go in a purse or small luggage like, Tide bleach pens from 2.97 (on clearance for 1.50 with coupon=.50) candy, tissues, gum, etc... It changes each day so if you forget your coupons and want a good deal, you might not have much time to get the items unless you hurry. I have seen good deals in these isles two times in the past two weeks but they are gone FAST!



In the ALL YOU MAGAZINE in May 2011, coupons inside allowed me to buy these JUST MY SIZE SHIRTS. Each magazine had a $5.00 off coupon towards each shirt that was marked down to 5.00. When I seen this, I hadn't paid attention and never cut the coupon on. I was able to go back through my magazines because I still had them and purchase 15 free shirts. WHAT A FIND. It goes to show me, to pay attention as I gain knowledge in couponing. A great deal shared with me by my joined blogs! Thank you!

Un-Advertised Specials or Clearance Items

Un-Advertised Specials or Clerance Items:

Often stores have un-advertised specials on items for coming in the store. I find this to be true in Rameys or Price Cutters a lot through out the stores and Walmart for clearance items usually at the end of isles. I always have my coupons withe me. Its a good idea if your only going in for a planned item trip to keep your binder in the car for those un-planned sales and saves. You could get some items for your stock pile cheap yet un-planned for great savings. I seen this happen on Extreme Couponing Show many times. You can really take advantage of these gold mines of savings for your families.

Free Body Wash at 2 Different Stores (sizes) SOLD OUT


When Nivea released a HIGH VOLUME coupon of 3.00 off Nivea Body Wash, at the time, Walmart had it on clearance. Just starting on with coupons, I didn't know this at the time. So, by the time, I got to the store to check out getting these items (blogs told me they would be close to free), they were all sold out. I would check back often, every few days, no restocking of these items. Checking for several weeks, I  had no luck. I can't but wonder why the items aren't restocked more often. Are the stores waiting for the coupons to expire before they restock them?

Sometimes, as I am learning, I wonder. So, I am standing there in the store with these coupons in my hand. Thinking, I could have some body wash, if I had the product. Someone beat me to it. Now what do I do? So, I dediced to check other stores and found the one on the right and ended up getting 10 free bottles but a lot smaller at another local store. I was happy with what I got but I can't help but notice the difference in the sizes. Then, the store paid me .50 cents per bottle towards my other shampoos so I was happy with my find.

That day, I also got a few more free nivea couons and was able to get a few free ones from Walmart that evening when they restocked and I was very pleased when I was recounting my good day with coupons.

High Value Coupons $1.00-$2.00-$3.00-BOGO-B2GO

High Value Coupons of 1.00, $2.00, $3.00, BOGO (buy one get one free coupon) OR B2G1 (buy two get one free coupon) are really coupons to pay special atention to and watch the expiration dates. I get at least one of two items in each SUNDAY PAPER that will be free or pennies on the dollar. RAZORS are a good example of these deals along with deoderant. With these coupons, you can build your stock pile in just a short time. And if you can get the items on sale or even on clearance, chances are Walmart will pay you to buy the purchase if you can hit it right.

Blogs often tell us when the items are free or when you can buy the items for just change. Waiting a few days means that the items will possibly be gone, cleared out, not in stock. So, its good sometimes to go in advance and check out some prices in the trial size isle and other isles to become familiar with what will be a good price at certain times and better prices with coupons, specials and clearance items.


Sitting on coupons is a term I came up with when I seen all three of these products together knowing what I paid for them and had in them minus the coupons. Here is the example. On the a wipies, I ran out to the store as soon as I could to give a dollar coupon off of these itty bitty playtex wipies and they still cost me .98 cents in each pack. I thought that was a good deal when I started couponing 8 weeks ago.

Then I purchased package c, pull up wipies with 1.00 off coupon, then I paide .78 cents each pack. They smell so good, like fresh fruit and they have a seal tab on them, I thought I was just the best shopper when I got these coupons out of the Sunday paper.

Then I got package b, in the mail, FREE by registering my name and address and sharing and email from a friend. Then they arrived in the mail, I haven't opened them yet but I assume that they are sealed inside, came in this adorable plastic re-usable container and shrink wrapped.

It proved to me that the more I search, the more I read, the bigger the product with less money in the package as I gain insight on learning coupons as my journey grows.

Growing to a bigger COUPON BINDER

8 weeks ago, I started with an inch binder. As I get more organized and add coupons, I have moved into a 2 inch binder. This is the perfect size for me. I have heard that some couponers store their "Grocery coupons" in one binder and their "non-Grocery coupons" in a seperate binder but for now. I keep them split in my one binder, non grocerys first then grocerys last. After reading so many informative blogs, the advice was to purchase one paper for each person that lives in your house for Sunday coupons. They will collect up fast and I have that extra room now to grow with my larger coupon binder.

How I built my COUPON BINDER (How to)

This is how I put my COUPON BINDER together. I have made it the most effective for my needs. I always will have little quarks that I add to it to improve it Im sure. But this is basically how I made mine.

Baseball sleeves that are clear and see through seem to work best for me on my coupon binder. They are hidden well in our store by the tabaco isle, where the baseball cards are, hidden in the middle of them. It took me a while to find them. I finally asked and they took me straight to them. I looked in the school items, in the photo album isle and purchased packets that didn't work well. Baseball cards sleeves were my answer.
I can fold the coupons in half or in thirds and see the top of the coupon with the picture of the item and the money coupon worth and flip it over, on the back I can see the expiration date and I don't have to touch the coupon again unless I am using it to redeem or taking it out because it is expired. Families from oversees are able to use expired coupons so if you want to save them, pull up sending expired coupons to oversees families in your google bar to send these expired coupons to a helpful needed place.

Sometimes when I get a pack of baseball sleeves for my coupon binder, they are stuck quite a bit because possibly they go to hot when they were cut. I had to be very gentle to get these apart or they would rip, then I added two ring binder stickers, one on each the top and the bottom before I started using them to place my coupons in. The stickers help re-inforce the holes to make them more sturdy for a longer shelf life from turning so much, on the pages.

This is how they look when I place them in my coupon binder.

I type up my own needed categories in my coupon book and print them off, laminate and cut down.

Now, I tape them on to the end of each baseball sleeve, taping top and bottom of the label, making a sturdy pull tab, that is CUSTOM MADE TO MY NEEDS.

Here is what my pages look like when I got done making my own personally needed labels for my coupon binder. Very organized. Easy to find and easy to pull and then search the coupons on that needed sale.